Fall down eight times, get up nine.Japanese Proverb, modified

Here we are again. Naturally.

I’m really tired of feeling like crap all the time. My habits are terrible right now. So let’s see where we are:

Bad Habits That Have to Go -> Why I Have Them:

  • Being sedentary / no exercise -> It’s easy and I live in my head
  • Going to McDonald’s or Tim Hortons for breakfast -> It’s easy, tastes good, and is soothing
  • Eating quick, convenient, carb heavy lunches ->¬†It’s easy, tastes good, and is soothing, triggered by childhood¬†tastes
  • Sneaking sugar snacks -> It tastes good, and is soothing
  • Not planning for the week ahead -> It’s easy
  • Not eating enough vegetables -> It’s easy

Good Habits I Want to Keep -> Why I Have Them:

  • Waking up early -> Only me-time I get, and I am naturally a morning person
  • Eating lunch and dinner at home -> Covid, and my wonderful husband likes to cook dinner
  • Drinking lots of water -> Makes me feel hydrated and refreshed, and I like it

I’m at 271 pounds. I’m honestly shocked that the scale isn’t higher. I feel like my body just refuses to go above 275 pounds, which is nice I guess. It probably means with all this sedentary-ness I have lost any and all muscle mass I used to have. My clothes are fitting tightly, so my body mass is increasing even if the scale doesn’t agree.