2 Months In

Starting Weight: 278 pounds
Current Weight: 259 pounds
Weight Lost: 19 pounds

I have logged all my food on MFP for 60 days in a row! Woot! Woot! It seems everyone has a different timescale for what makes a habit. I have logged for 2 months now, but I wouldn’t call it a habit yet, it’s more like a benign chore. Just something that needs to be done in order to function as an adult, like cleaning the kitchen. I don’t really mind and I feel better once I’ve done it.

After I felt myself losing focus last week, I made the following list of Scale and Non-Scale Victories that I am looking forward to checking off:

Scale Goals:

✔ Down 10 lbs: 268 lbs
☐ Down 25 lbs: 253 lbs
☐ Weigh <250 lbs by John and Sam’s wedding (Sept 20, 2019)
☐ Lose more than my son weighs: ~243 lbs
☐ Down 50 lbs: 228 lbs
☐ Weigh less than my husband: 224 lbs
☐ Under 100 kg: 220 lbs
☐ BMI Class 2 Obese: 215 lbs (39.3 bmi)
☐ Onderland: 199 lbs
☐ BMI Class 1 Obese: 188 lbs (34.4 bmi)
☐ 100 lbs down: 178 lbs
☐ BMI Class Overweight: 161 lbs (29.4 bmi)
☐ Reached Goal Weight: 160 lbs
☐ Lose ~1.2 lbs/week on average

 Non-Scale Goals:

☐ Someone notices my weight loss
☐ Wedding ring fits on ring finger
☐ Fit into 2x company cotton polo
☐ Fit into wedding dress
☐ Ride a rollercoaster without worry
☐ Take an airplane without worry
☐ Buy clothes in standard shops
☐ Fit into skinny clothes box
☐ My husband is able to lift me up

It really helps me to focus on the small scale victories. Looking at  losing 100+ pounds is simply daunting and seemingly insurmountable. But my next scale goal is just 6 pounds away!

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