No Shame, No Blame

I feel like I am on track for success. I have been tracking my calories, and I have been more actively mindful of my food intake for 10 days (since June 27th, 2020). I am not focusing on the scale yet, that will come. Instead, I am focusing on creating healthier habits and working them into my life in a sustainable way.

So future me can look back, I want to document a little of what that looks like:

  • I am tracking all my food in MyFitnessPal. I haven’t even set a strict goal of eating under a certain calorie limit, I just want to form a habit of tracking for now. Turns out though, when you have to come face to face with your food choices, it inspires you to make better ones.
  • I am tracking seven habits in a personal journal. I use a green, yellow, red color coding system to track how well I did with my breakfast, lunch, dinner, vitamins, exercise, water intake, and mental strength every day. I track it once a day, after breakfast and it takes about 5 minutes. I am starting to see some patterns emerge and it simply helps me to better self-assess.
  • I am actively listening to health focused podcasts and videos.

That’s it. I am focusing on sustainability, playing to my strengths, and being better aware of my weaknesses. I have not made a goal to write Art per Pound posts, I just do that when my brain is swirling and I want to get the thoughts out.

I want to improve my health for good, and that means being honest about my own shortcomings and the realities of life. I am trying to take away the shame and just be realistic. So much of my struggle with food is emotional, so stripping out the emotion and looking at the facts hopefully will help me make better choices. However, I know I need to address the emotions too, in time.

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